Superior technology * Superior accountability
Welcome to our Clients from Vernon Security! We introduce you to our new real-time reporting page. With this Efficient, Green Friendly software, Vernon Security Officers in the field can receive and respond to any security, maintenance and parking related issues by the use of a mobile Android devices and tablets.

The Android or Tablet technology provides clients with the exact details of a reported issue within moments of being reported from the field. Every reported issue is time/date stamped and assigned an automated ID number.

This software allows Vernon Security Management, Operations, and our Clients with approved access to view and monitor all reported issues, photographs, recorded audio files and text messages within minutes of being reported. Now, All Security/Parking/Maintenance Issues can be accounted for. We have the ability also monitor each employee(s) GPS location with pictures and notes each time an issue is created from the field. Residents and Clients can also report any Issue through the “Resident Home Area “menu above.
All of this data is received in real-time and tracked through the “Issue Monitor”. All clients of Vernon Security now have the capability to view the monitor from anywhere in the world with Internet access 24 hours a day, and the ability to view detailed analysis and reports from all data collection. You now have total accountability at your fingertips!

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